About Us

About Us

Folktown Counseling is a psychology-based counseling practice in the historic neighborhood of Ballard. We provide psychotherapy for individual adults, adolescents, children and couples. Our counselors are all masters level clinicians licensed through the state of Washington.

We view counseling as a unique and intentional relationship designed to help a person grow and heal. Sometimes it is sought for personal development and at times to treat specific symptoms (such as depression, anxiety, or mood instability) or a problem in a relationship. But regardless of the concerns that initiated therapy, we aim to address the whole person over any one presenting problem.

Fees & Insurance

As a practice we work on a minimum of weekly appointments and our fees range between $160-$185 per session. We provide an excellent billing service for our clients to help take the hassle of insurance reimbursement. We currently work with carriers such as Cigna, Aetna, United Behavioral Health and are in-network with Premera, Lifewise, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Regence, Kaiser (PPO) and The First Choice Network.

Our Counseling Approach

We view the practice of psychotherapy much like an art form. We are trained to listen carefully to the human condition and to cultivate a therapeutic relationship with our clients over a process of time.  We work from a client-centered-therapy approach that is informed by a psychodynamic tradition. This tradition examines the relationship between client and therapist as the primary agent of change. It is by examining the relational patterns that emerge in treatment, that we are able to help a client gain awareness and insight into the deeper nature of a their problems.

Our History

Our History

Folktown Counseling was founded in 2006. Our name was originally inspired by Ballard Avenue, which at the time, was known for its quirky store fronts, music venues, coffee houses, art galleries and book stores. We initially began by working with artists, but as Ballard grew, we did too, and gradually expanded our services once we were paneled with insurance.

In addition to private practice, we are also deeply involved in our community. Since 2010 Folktown has partnered with Lahai Health, a free health clinic, to run their mental health department. At our clinic we train psychology students, who in turn, provide weekly therapy for those in our community who are unable to afford private practice therapy. If you would like more information on our counseling program for the underserved please email us.

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