Counseling is a unique and intentional relationship designed to help a client grow as a person. Sometimes it is sought for general personal development and at times for specific concerns such as depression, anxiety, or improving a relationship.

As a private practice Folktown Counseling Seattle provides relational psychotherapy for individual adults, couples and children. We utilize a psychodynamic tradition that observes the relationship between counselor and client as a tool for therapeutic growth and meets weekly until clients are ready to pause or end therapy.

Insurance and Folktown Counseling Seattle  

All counselors are in network with Premera, Lifewise, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Some of our counselors are additionally in-network with Kaiser PPO (through First Choice). And, if your counselor is not in your insurance network, we can provide a time-of-service discount with documentation for out-of-network reimbursement.

“When we can no longer change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves” V. Frankl
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