Folktown Counseling PLLC
is a psychology-based, psychodynamic counseling service in the historic neighborhood of Ballard. We provide licensed psychotherapy for individual adults, adolescents, children and couples.

Using a relational style of psychotherapy we seek to address the whole person over any one presenting problem. It is our belief that counseling should both support and challenge clients in a safe and empathetic environment.  We do this within a framework of ongoing weekly sessions.

A Seattle Counseling Service with a Collaborative Approach

We strive to partner with you in the journey of your overall well being. We can work collaboratively with you in a mutual therapeutic environment and welcome the possibility of working alongside other health care providers if you request us to do so. And we are always happy to provide referrals to you for trusted health care providers if you request.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver
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